A Word Of Gratitude...

Thank you to all our clients; past, present and future. For without you, there will be no Nora-G's Decor & Events. Words fail me to describe exactly how grateful I am to be able to serve you. For that reason, I will keep it simple and just say from the bottom of my heart - Thank you!

Moreover, I am especially grateful for all your referrals; they mean the world to me and I cherish everyone one of them, whether or not they result to business.

I am Nora and I love making spaces beautiful! I started Nora G's Decor & Events in 2015 as a creative outlet. Since then, I have decorated over 50+ events and counting. 

Event decoration is my jam. I will be lying if I said it has been a smooth ride all through. It's been a roller coaster ride but with God as my seat belt, I am geared up for speed! 

My passion is creating designs that leave a lasting impression. From weddings, to bridal showers and just about any kind of events, I am ever ready to make your event look its best because I put my HEART and SWEAT in it. 

My mantra is creating exquisite designs with a divine touch . I look forward to bringing more life, color, finesse and design to your events and most especially, making your events MEMORABLE!

Thank you for all your support! Nora G's Decor won't be where it is without you.